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2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Adiba Chowdhury

Adiba is a senior majoring in BME on the cellular/molecular track, with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. She is a research assistant at Immunomatrix Laboratory under Dr. Kasia Sawicka. She is a WISE mentor, a member of Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Eta Mu Beta honor societies, and vice president of Stony Brook's South Asian fusion acapella team, YUVA.

Vice President: Amy Young

Amy is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and is on the Biomechanics and Biomaterials track. She has been a part of BMES since her freshman year and has previously served as secretary. She assists with clinical research for the Cardiology department of Stony Brook University Medical Center, is a WISE mentor, and is a volunteer for the ambulance corp on campus.

Treasurer: Manasvi Varshney

Manasvi is a junior BME student on the Cellular and Molecular track. She has been involved in BMES since her freshmen year. She is part of the Women in Science and Engineering(WISE) program and a member of the Sigma Beta Honor Society. She is currently conducting research under Dr. Judex.

Secretary: Christopher Balzano

Christopher is a senior studying Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Engineering. He is in the accelerated BE/MS degree program, and is currently working as a research assistant in Dr. Balaji Sitharaman's laboratory. He is also involved in the CEAS Peer Mentoring Program and the Sigma Beta Honor Society. He enjoys soccer, reading, listening to music.

2016-2017 Extended-Executive Board

Professional Development Chair: Sofya Pugach

Sofya is a sophomore BME student. She has been involved with BMES from her freshman year. She is a tutor at the ASTC, and she likes playing tennis.

Journal Club Project Manager: Milan Gunasekera

Milan is a senior in the Bioelectricity/Bioimaging track, spending his final years of fun with his nose in the books as Journal Club project manager. He has brief research experiences in Yeast Genetics and Radiology before joining Dr. Shu Jia's Biophotonics lab. He has attended Journal Clubs in every lab he joined, so he has (almost) seen it all. Follow his events if you would like to stay hip with science literature.

Social Chair (Philanthropy Co-Chair): Veronica Fox

Veronica is a junior majoring in BME and is pursuing a specialty in Bioimaging and Bioelectricity, as well as a minor in Music. She is currently a Resident Assistant and a member of the Camerata Singers. This past summer she interned for Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc., focusing her work on negative pressure wound therapy.

Academic Chair (Philanthropy Co-Chair): Miteshkumar Ahir

Miteshkumar Ahir is a senior BME student in the Biomechanics/Biomaterials track. He is very interested in working with prosthetics and loves running in his free time.

Cellular Molecular Project Manager: Sarah Heacox

Sarah Heacox is a junior biomedical engineering major, with a specialization in cellular/molecular bioengineering. She has been a part of BMES since her freshman year, and joined e-board in her sophomore year. Sarah has recently participated in research within the field of synthetic biology. She plans to obtain her PhD after graduation, and continue on in a career of research, focused in either genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, or neuroscience. She is also part of the University Scholars program, and Sigma Beta Honors Program on campus.

Marketing & Roth Regatta Coordinator: Michael Witherspoon

Michael is a Senior double-majoring in Biomedical Engineering, with a focus on the Cellular and Molecular track, and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He is currently assisting in Dr. Eric Brouzes' microfluidics laboratory. He is a member of Global Innovation Team, enjoys tutoring, and writes music.

Communications Secretary: Arjun Chopra

Arjun is a junior on the cellular and molecular track in biomedical engineering. He has been involved in bmes since sophomore year. He is currently a teaching assistant for BME 100.

2016-2017 Faculty Advisor

Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein

2015-2016 Executive Board

  • President: Gabe Ruttner
  • Academic & Outreach VP: Shipra Arjun
  • Professional & Social VP: Ravi Patel
  • Treasurer: Adiba Chowdhury
  • Secretary: Amy Young
  • Academic Chair: Milan Gunasekera
  • Outreach Chair: Gita Vikram
  • Outreach Chair: Manasvi Varshney
  • Professional Development Chair: Sofya Pugach
  • Professional Development Chair: Christopher Balzano
  • Social Chair & Roth Regatta Coordinator: Amna Haider
  • Graduate representative: Samantha Rossano
  • Communications Secretary: Samantha Weber-Fishkin
  • Public Relations: Sarah Heacox
  • Webmaster: Juan Bastidas
  • E-Ball Representative: Michael Witherspoon
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein

  • 2014-2015 Executive Board

  • President: Arnavi Varshney
  • Academic & Social VP: Christina Snyder
  • Outreach & Professional VP: Gabe Ruttner
  • Treasurer: John Medamana
  • Secretary: Samantha Rossano
  • Academic Chair: Shruti Parikh
  • Outreach Chair: Shipra Arjun
  • Professional Development Chair: Vinosh Mathuranayagam
  • Professional Development Chair: Ravi Patel
  • Social Chair: Manasvi Varshney
  • Graduate representative: Mariana Miranda
  • Communications Secretary: Amy Young
  • Public Relations: Adiba Chowdhury
  • Webmaster: Sofya Pugach
  • E-Ball Representative: Amna Haider
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein

  • 2013-2014 Executive Board

  • Co-President: Muhammed Kandeel Javid
  • Co-President: Arnavi Varshney
  • Vice-President: Christina Synder
  • Treasurer: Raeish Hinson
  • Secretary: Mariana Miranda
  • Internal Commucation Secretary: Morgan Teeratananon
  • Public Relations: Samantha Rossano
  • Academic Chair: Shruti Parikh
  • Industry Chair: Amit Guruprasad
  • Professional Development Chair: Vinosh Mathuranayagam
  • Social Chair: John Medamana
  • Co-Outreach Chair: Gabriel Ruttner
  • Outreach Chair/Webmaster: Arely Clavel
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein

  • 2012-2013 Executive Board

  • President: Sowmya Sundaresh
  • Vice-President: Michele Cheung
  • Treasurer: Muhammed Kandeel Javid
  • Secretary (1): Christina Snyder
  • Secretary (2): Arnavi Varshney
  • Webmaster: Jashna Benday
  • Internal Commucation Secretary: Arely Clavel
  • Social Chair: Arnavi Varshney
  • Graduate Representative: Steve Leigh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva

  • 2011-2012 Executive Board

  • President: Sowmya Sundaresh
  • Vice-President: Margaret Evans
  • Treasurer: Michelle Cheung
  • Secretary: Kathryn Small
  • Webmaster (1): Ram Proshad Ghosh
  • Webmaster (2): Cheng Qian
  • Internal Commucation: Mika Lai
  • Communication Secretary: Christina Snyder
  • Social Chair: Vihita Patel
  • Graduate Representative: Steve Leigh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva

  • 2010-2011 Executive Board

  • President: Margaret Evans
  • Vice-President: Erica Palma
  • Treasurer: Sowmya Sundaresh
  • Secretary: Rahul Mehta
  • Communications Secretary (1): Cookie Yu
  • Communications Secretary (2): Marek Lhotak
  • Chief Technical Officer: Mika Lai
  • Webmaster: Ada Tsoi
  • Social Chair: Kushagra Singhal
  • E-Ball Representative: Antonio Wong
  • Graduate Representative: Steve Leigh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva

  • 2009-2010 Executive Board

  • President: Kathleen Burke
  • Vice-President: Elizabeth Fievisohn
  • Treasurer: Erica Palma
  • Secretary: Margaret Evans
  • Communications Secretary: Dan DeDora
  • Chief Technical Officer: Richard Hill
  • Webmaster: Ada Tsoi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva
  • 2008-2009 Executive Board

  • President: Matthew Mancuso
  • Vice-President: Hala Mostafa
  • Treasurer: Kathleen Burke
  • Secretary: Margaret Evans
  • Social Chair: Elizabeth Fievisohn
  • Webmaster: Jeryes Frieh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva
  • 2007-2008 Executive Board

  • President: Ujas Shah
  • Vice President: Hala Mostafa
  • Treasurer: Adriana Gomez
  • Secretary: Karin Wang
  • Social Chair: Matthew Mancuso
  • Webmaster: Ravi Desai
  • 2004-2005 Executive Board

  • President: Sailaja Akella
  • Vice President: Debolina Kowshik
  • Treasurer: Muhammad Parvaz
  • Secretary: Lamya Karim
  • Social Chair: Eduardo Vargas
  • Webmaster: Jenn Looi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Hadjiargyrou

  • 2003-2004 Executive Board

  • President: David Rubenstein
  • Vice President: Maricris Silva
  • Treasurer: Debolina Kowshik
  • Secretary: Sailaja Akella
  • Social Chair: Anita Cheruvanky
  • Webmaster: Endna Choi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Hadjiargyrou

  • Stony Brook University BMES 2009-2016